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Attractions On Ocean Drive

You may go from Ocean Drives Doral beach and golf resort locations to Ocean Drive bars when you come to Miami, and each of the locations on this list will be quite a lot of fun to visit. Each step in this process will change the scope for your vacation, and you will begin to feel better about your trip. This article shows you what you may do by day and by night once you have landed on Ocean Drive. It is one of the most-famous thoroughfares in the world, and it gives you entertainment for days.

You may ask a few blocks between 5th and 15th that will help you enjoy Art Deco design. This is a part of the city that will never die because it is a fixture from the 50s. You will see what this town looked like many decades ago, and you will see buildings that have stood all this time or have been inspired by this design period. There are many different buildings to see, and you may take beautiful pictures in this place.

Ocean Drive Pavilions

You may come to the Ocean Drive Pavilion and Brass Museum that will enthrall you for some time, and each of these locations will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time.

  • There are museums and classic buildings
  • There are restaurants and nightclubs with outdoor seating
  • There are parks and beaches

You may not realize how much history and tradition is in this city, and you will feel as though you have changed your mind about what Ocean Drive Miami is. This is a city that will give you a good time, but it has been a part of history at the same time.

White Sands, Parks, Clubs And Food

The white sands and Lummus Park crowd will have quite a good time when you go down to the water, and you may play checkers or chess in the park with the people who gather there every day. This is a place that you have seen on TV many times, and you will find that the location is the perfect place to go when you want to rest and relax. There are quite a few people who will come here with their Towels, or you may sit on a bench and read.


Mynt Club, Cameo and Rec Room will be just a few of the clubs you may visit when you walk down Ocean Drive for the nightlife. You may head to Ocean Drive restaurants any time you like, and you will make your way to these these clubs afterward. You will see celebrities in these clubs quite often, and you will notice how simple it is to enjoy your night in a place that was made for fun. These clubs are places created to attract you without any trouble, and they will give you many reasons to hang out for hours and hours.

The Delano is one of the finest hotels in the world, and it has a Florida Room that will welcome you with open arms. It is a posh location that will make you feel comfortable, and you have seen this location on TV and in the movies. You may not realize how nice many of these hotels are, and you will have a place to relax for hours when you come to the hotel. Stay at the hotel if you like, and you still have access to Ocean Drive.

Everyone who wishes to take a vacation to Miami will find that they have many options for their trip. Stay on Ocean Drive is fun, and you have many different attractions to visit every day.