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Kid Attractions in Miami


Summer is coming, and a lot of families are heading into the city of Miami, Florida where they will spend the summer vacation. With hundreds of amusement parks and recreational areas, parents have a lot to choose from on where they could take their children to have fun.

Some of the best things to do around the city would be going inside botanical gardens to experience nature, or just spending the hot summer sun inside waterparks which offer wave pools and tall slides. One could also visit the beach, or do an entirely different thing like visiting museums, heritage centers and historical sites. The number of attractions inside the city of Miami is endless, and some of it are just lying around the corner, waiting to be discovered. 

The Best Amusement Parks for Children

Travelers and tourists have rated the best amusement parks in Miami, through the travel website tripadvisor.com. Here is the list of the highest rated amusement parks suitable for children:

  • Jungle Island – this amusement park, known before as Parrot Jungle, is an interactive zoo that is built on an island, and it houses hundreds of wildlife species from all corners of the globe. The park has several attractions, including the Jungle Theater, where animals perform tricks to amuse the audience; the Parrot Bowl’s Winged Wonders, which showcases birds that originated from different parts of the world; the Serpentarium, which has a huge number of animals that are being presented, ranging from penguins to snakes; a Petting Zoo, where children could have the chance to hold an animal including kangaroos; and finally, the Everglades Habitat, which showcases a mini Florida Everglades ecosystem.
  • Tropical Park and Santa’s Enchanted Forest – People flock to the Tropical Park every summer to experience their sporting facilities. Children could watch their favorite sports teams with their parents at the park’s equestrian center and stadium. Alternatively in the winter, people could go inside Tropical Park to find the Santa’s Enchanted Forest, and this attraction is only available from November to January. They feature structures covered in Christmas lights, carnival lights, and a gigantic Christmas tree.
  • Blue Lagoon Miami – families can enjoy their summer by dipping into the cold waters of the blue lagoon.
  • Grapeland Water Park – this water park features a huge number of swimming pools, complete with slides that would give tourists thrill and excitement.
  • Back 9 at the Upper East Side Garden – it is a golf course designed for the whole family to enjoy, and can also be a hangout place for teenagers.

Where to Stay Around Miami

Staying inside the city is not a problem, as thousands of properties are available for rent, and a huge number of hotels are operating around Miami. Condo rentals in Miami Beach come in huge numbers, and in order to rent a place, one should download the Airbnb app to find the best deals and the lowest price.

Alternatively, they could just visit their website and type in “condo rentals Miami Beach” on the search box, and the list of available properties for rent would show up. Currently, vacation rental in Miami is slowly outweighing those who choose the hotel as an accommodation option. Vacation rental in Miami is seen to grow in the coming years, as more and more people are becoming aware of the huge savings renting could make, versus staying overnight at a hotel or similar accommodation type.

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