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Miami Beach – What to See


The popular TV series, Miami Five O might just pop into one’s head when Miami is mentioned. This program has episode after episode, show-cased the beauty of this American state.

Minimal research will reveal that Hawaii is as beautiful, if not more, as we see it on our screens. The Miami state is part of the Hawaiian Archipelago which comprises of over hundreds of islands spread over 2,400 kms of land. However, while Miami is the largest, there are seven other major Islands. 

Undoubtedly, the islands are a great tourist attraction and a host to numerous rental facilities. There are many Miami Condo Rentals and one may be spoilt for choice when looking for vacation rentals. On landing, one will most likely be welcomed with a flower Lei as an offer of friendship. Music and dance are an important part of the Hawaian culture and on checking in into any Miami vacation facility, one is welcomed by the hula dancers swaying to the chorus of chanting voices.

Popular rental locations

There are plenty vacation rentals in Miami ranging from hotels, homestays as well as Condos. These facilities cut across all budgets hence when embarking to identify a Miami Condo rental, one may want to explore other facilities for price analysis.

The cost of Miami Condo rentals will largely be determined by the location and the facilities available. Water sports are quite popular with Miami people, and this comes as no surprise given the town is located near the coast. As such many vacation rentals in Miami will provide for any easy access to some of the following water sports:

• Fishing: Miami’s waters are teeming with sport fish and numerous species that make for a delicious dinner or a story to tell when you’re back home from vacation.

• Snorkelling: With fins, a mask and snorkel, this is a fun and affordable way to explore and discover the wonders of the coral reef.

• Boating and sailing: The largest cruise in the world calls Miami home. Again, Miami records warm temperatures virtually all year round which makes it ideal for boating and sailing. The subtropical waters make a paradise on earth and you indulgently enjoy your visit here

Miami Sightseeing

There is never a dull moment in Miami as there is plenty to see and explore. It is the home of the American Airlines Arena. With a capacity of upto 20,000 people, it is a popular venue for some of the most exciting evens and concerts that the state has to offer.

For the perfect shopping experience, Bayside Market place is the place to be. Coupled with such actives as bus tours and boat excursions, this is a must go place.

Moving around from any of the Vacation rentals is effortless as Miami offers an excellent transport system While Miami offers an excellent transport system including a 4.4-mile electrically-powered, fully automated people mover system which connects with Metrorail at Government Center and Brickell stations and with Metrobus at various locations.

Miami is definitely a great holiday destination. With Miami Condo’s forming part of Vacation rentals, you can never go wrong with this vacation choice. Aloha!!

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