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You may have heard of all the fabled rooftop parties around Miami or the multitude of Happy Hour hots spots to be found sprinkled around, hidden in plain sight and taken as nothing beyond your typical bar scene to the naked eye. Whatever your motivation, the Miami nightlife is calling you and your friend’s names and you’re all ready to jump in the Winnebago and drive the five-hundred or so miles to your pre-planned condo rental in Miami.

If you haven’t already looked into vacation rentals in Miami Florida, then you’re planning on doing it tomorrow… or whenever you can get around to it. Regardless, it’s important to the well being of the group to get the reservations in order for any vacation rentals in Miami Florida you may have to plan, before setting off into the setting sun.

Some Things to Consider

Diving in head first may have worked wonders when you were in your early 20’s but now you prefer to have a plan to work with, which is why making a list and checking it twice might be necessary to get the most out of your vacationing experience.

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone convince you that sticking around the lower end part of town is a good idea. Not when you have so many options for condo rentals in Miami and oodles of clubs, bars, and other night owl activities nearby. Whether you more of a fan of staying in the heart of the city of Miami and seeing what the locals there have to offer or your heart is guiding you to the seas where Miami Beach is host to a slew of some of the most adventurous night scenes in the state – you’re sure to find something for everyone this next trip to Miami!

Here’s a short list to check off before flying out the door to reach the head of the line at the nearest club:

  • Is there a cover charge? If so, how much?
  • What do the locals think of the establishment?
  • Is it going to be busy on the night you’re planning on stopping by?
  • What does parking look like nearby?
  • Is it high end or more casual in the dress department?

Quality Bars and Clubs

If you are actually serious about experiencing a rooftop bar while you’re in town, and have convinced all your acrophobic friends that this is really a good idea, then you’re ready to embark on the quest to find only the best rooftop bar Miami has to offer! Looking between two options side by side, it depends on if you are in the heart of Miami or are more in the Miami Beach area.

If you are in downtown Miami, then the acclaimed Area 31 is a classic place for newbie rooftop party seeker to try out. If you’re in Miami Beach, the HIGHBAR Pool + Bar + Sky is a sure win for one of the best rooftop bars to try out under the stars.

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