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Amusement Parks in Miami


Miami, on the state of Florida in the eastern coast of the United States, is one of the best places to go to all year round. They offer a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and white sand beaches, as well as a never ending list of amusement parks that dotted the city.

These amusement parks offer the most unique experiences to their guests, and it varies from one amusement park to another. There are more than 100 amusement parks built around the city, and it ranges from zoological gardens, water parks, and theme parks. 

As more tourists flock into the city of Miami, business people and investors keep on thinking about how they can stand out among the rest, and plans of new amusement parks are being laid upon, with hundreds of proposals being sent to the city hall for review. Miami Wilds and the 20th Century Theme Park are just some of the future developments that are currently under the planning stage.

There is also news coming out from the amusement park developers that future amusement park concepts would integrate the use of different technologies in their attractions, teasing the public that they should look forward to the availability of holograms and virtual reality in the future.

The Best Amusement Parks in Miami

People who are planning to visit Miami often look into websites like tripadvisor.com to gain an insight about a specific place. Potential tourists are keen on reading every review from the website, as it gives them a heads up on what to expect.

Some reviews are helpful, providing details about a certain place, and what other activities visitors can do. The website also rates attractions on how good they are, and how positive the visitor’s experience with the attraction was. Tourists have rated the best amusement parks in Miami through the website tripadvisor.com. The following garnered the most number of positive reviews:

  • Jungle Island
  • Santa’s Enchanted Forest
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Grapeland Water Park
  • Back 9 at the Upper East Side Garden

How the City’s Tourism Industry Benefits From It

With the continuing rise on the number of amusement parks all throughout the city, the tourism industry is what benefits the most. Accommodations, transportation, food services and souvenir shops are just some of the primary industries that are raking in billions of dollars per year because of the sheer number of tourist arrivals in the city.

Hotels are being constructed all throughout the city, with luxury hotels in Miami Beach being the primary choice for upper class tourists and some affordable accommodation being the choice for middle class tourists and backpackers on a budget.

Luxury hotels in Miami Beach offer stunning view of the sea, complete with different amenities like swimming pools, bars, restaurants, fitness gyms and convention rooms among others. Cheaper accommodations can also offer the same thing, but not as extensive as those found in luxury hotels. Alternatively, condo rentals in Miami have seen a rise in the previous years.

Owners of residential properties usually put up their unit in websites like Airbnb, adding a specialized tag “condo rentals Miami” so that travelers and tourists could easily find it. Public transportation like subways, taxis, and buses, along with transport service applications like Uber, benefits from the flow of tourists partly because of the income fares are generating.

The food service industry of Miami, including restaurants, fast food chains, diners, food trucks and all forms of food establishment also benefit from the tourist arrivals. Competition between food establishments determines who will leave a positive impression and review from the tourists. In our world today, online reviews of food establishment could either skyrocket a food business to success or easily drag them down from bad reviews. Finally is the number of souvenir shops scattered around Miami, selling refrigerator magnets, keychains, t-shirts and other form of souvenirs.

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