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Miami Beach is a world-renowned destination for holiday makers because it provides condo rentals in Miami Beach amenities that make the holiday experience unforgettable. One of the hallmarks of the resort is Bayfront Park which is situated on a 32-acre piece of land with magnificent ocean front views in tranquil surroundings. If you want to have the most memorable holiday experience, you can come to the park because the vacation rentals Miami Beach accommodation will guarantee you get real value for your money and the best variety of entertainment opportunities. 

Bayfront Park is a publicly owned and operated urban park situated on Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami in Florida. It is a unique place due to its historical origins which can be dated back to the 1920s. It was designed by a contractor known as Warren Henry Manning, and its construction started in 1924. Officially, it was opened a year later in March 1925. Since its opening, the park has been remodeled and redesigned by a Japanese-American known as Isamu Noguchi who is a famous landscape architecture and modernist artist. The work was done from 1980, and presently it is maintained and managed by a limited agency of Miami City called Bayfront Park Management Trust.

The Events Associated with Bayfront Park and its Historical Significance

Perhaps what makes the park a major attraction to may holidaymakers are the historical events related to the park’s origins. In an assassination attempt in which Anton Cermak the then Mayor of Chicago was shot and mortally wounded, the President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt was also nearly shot. Some of the highlights of the park include:

• On Independence Day, the annual America’s Birthday celebrations are hosted in the park. The bash attracts thousands of visitors.

• Over 70,000 guests have also hosted annually during the official New Year’s Eve party of the city.

• Thousands of other visitors also participate in the three days Ultra Music Festival which is a regular event.

• Other significant events that are hosted in the park are the Christmas celebrations, boat tours around Biscayne Bay, Bayfront Park Amphitheater, and the New Year’s Ball drop among other events.

• Since 1983, auto racing involving a series of motorsports events took place along a circuit of a temporary street. The races are the Champ Car race, the IMSA race, and the ALMS RACE

Availability and Provision of Other Recreational Facilities

Bayfront Park also provides various recreational amenities that serve the citizens of Miami. Apart from condo rentals in Miami Beach that offer world-class accommodation, the unique waterfront scenery offers maximum relaxation for the visitors. You can spend time at the famous waterfall and rock garden whose history can be traced back to the 1920s. There is a double-decker bus that takes the visitors on a leisurely tour of Miami and Miami Beach. You can also hire vacation rentals Miami Beach apartment or condo for an extended stay while you enjoy leisurely cruises through the Biscayne Bay. The park also promotes wellness and health activities besides hosting several other community events.

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