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Locating the Best Parks in Miami


If you are a park enthusiast, Miami has just what you are looking for! As you look for your favorite condo rental Miami Beach or short term rental Miami Beach, there is a vast selection of parks to consider. You can locate these parks by doing many types of research, such as reading, contacting the locality and talking to people. Some of the parks are:

  • Crandon Park
  • Biscayne Bay National Park
  • Pine Tree Park
  • Tropical Park

Crandon Park

Crandon Park is located on Key Biscayne, an island that is a part of Miami. It is an 800 acre tract of land that was donated in the 1940s by a wealthy family. It has many amenities and natural areas to explore. It has a beautiful, two mile long beach that is frequently named one of the best beaches in America. It is also known for calm waters that result from the sand bar that keeps waves from crashing to the shore. Bear Cut Reserve is a designated Environment Study Area, and tours are given by guides. There are also various picnic areas with grills and tables, concessions, a golf course and a tennis court. The park also offers cabana rentals, which is a option to consider as you are seeking out condo rentals Miami Beach or short term rental Miami Beach.

Biscayne Bay National Park

Biscayne Bay National Park is a park that consists of 175,000 acres, though 95% of the park is underwater. . The park consists of shoreline mangrove forests, coral reefs and islands. You can see the Florida Reef, which is one of the largest coral reefs in the world. This park is great for hiking, snorkeling and discovering flora and fauna. The remnants of the Glades and Tequesta, people who lived here thousands of years ago are intact in the form of burial mounds and piles of shells.

Pine Tree Park

Pine Tree park is a beautiful green space located at 45th street and Pine Tree Drive. It is a place with trees and green grass. It is a great place to go if you want some shade. This is a place where people commonly walk their dogs. You may feel tempted to climb the trees due to how the trees are shaped.

Tropical Park

Tropical Park is great for athletics. It was once a race track, but is now a park that offers basketball, football, fishing, tennis, a fitness course, baseball facilities and an equestrian center. There are more than forty horse shows held annually at the equestrian center. Tropical Park is home to Tropical Park Stadium. In this stadium, Miami FC professional soccer takes place. There is also a nationally recognized track club.

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