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South Pointe Park is a beautiful location in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. It is 17 acres large and it was created in 1979. South Pointe Park has been one of the favorite locations for the locals and the tourists to visit on a relaxing day outside.

The South Pointe Park has a long history which starts with the ground being donated to Miami Beach by the Federal Government in 1979. The ground became a dedicated area for police horse stables as well as an intelligence unit and to a few harbor pilot units of the Port of Miami.

That was the use of the ground until 1984 when everything as razed and the ground were repurposed. The new purpose of the donated ground was to become what it is today. The construction cost was split half by half between the federal government and Miami Beach and it lasted for about a year.

South Pointe Park Over the Years

On October 25, 1985 the South Pointe Park was complete and it opened doors for the public. It is the 19th public park in the large city and the sum it took to be constructed amounted to almost 4 million dollars. The park was visited often by the citizens and in the 80s it was included in a renovation plan for the entire South Pointe area of Miami Beach which had been under maintained for a few years.

The renovation plan took a lot longer than it was expected. The renovation was finished in 2009 and cost more than $22 million to complete. The South Pointe Park got a new walkway which was 6 meters wide. The walkways were lined with limestone excavated from Florida. There was also a playground added for children with an ocean theme. Some of the companies that took part in the renovation of the South Pointe Park and the South Pointe area were the Hargreaves Associates.

The South Pointe Park Featured:

  • A children playground
  • Picnic pavilions
  • A walk over the last sand dune of Miami Beach
  • Amphitheater

South Pointe Park Today

The South Pointe Park currently features many restaurants and cafes, as well as playgrounds, and walkways. There are events there often. As Miami Beach is a hotspot for real estate, around the park there are many condo rental Miami as well as short term Miami rental opportunities for tourists for example. In fact, the South Pointe Park has been an attraction and so these two types of accommodation – short term Miami rental and condo rental Miami – have been particularly growing in popularity especially in the summer months.

The South Pointe Park has been an advantageous addition to the large city. It has been a much loved attraction and the locals have also been enjoying the South Pointe Park for many years. The area of the park offers panoramic views to Fisher Island, the Atlantic Ocean, the area of Downtown Miami, the Biscayne Bay and more.

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